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Formation of the International Paleolimnology Association (IPA)

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

At the 9th International Paleolimnology Symposium, held in Finland in 2003, there was widespread support to organize an international society or association of paleolimnologists.

The official formation of the International Association of Paleolimnology (IPA), and other business matters such as the adoption of a Constitution and the nomination and election of officers, took place at the 10th Symposium held in Duluth, Minnesota in August 2006.

The Constitution and Mission statement can be read on this site.

Rick Battarbee has been voted in as the new Chair of the International Paleolimnology Association. Other members of the Executive Board are John Smol(Co-editor, Journal of Paleolimnology), Tom Whitmore (Paleolimnology Forum manager), Dan Engstrom and Emi Ito (past symposium organisers) and Margarita Caballero (future symposium organiser).

Also at this years business meeting of the IPA a young researcher was elected to the executive board. There were 5 scientists competing for this role and after a series of presentations Jennie Fluin (Australia) was voted in.

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