The executive committee consist of three elected posts (young scientist rep, chair and vice-chair), the rest are ex-officio.


Helen Bennion (UK)


Virginia Panizzo (UK)
Vice Chair


Fenanda Charqueño Celis (Argentina)
Young scientist representative


Suzanne McGowan (UK)


Rick Battarbee (UK)
Keeper of the Die


Tom Whitmore (USA)
Paleolimnology Listserver and Editor of Journal of Paleolimnology


Mark Brenner (USA)
Editor of Journal of Paleolimnology


Richard Bindler (Sweden)
Last symposium organiser


Dan Hammarlund (Sweden)
Last symposium organiser


Malin Kylander (Sweden)
Last symposium organiser


Julieta Massaferro (Argentina)
Next symposium organiser

International Advisory Committee

This committee will be re-formed ahead of the 15th Symposium.