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Diatoms of Europe Volume 7 – Published

New volume published of Diatoms of Europe

Diatoms of Europe: Diatoms of the European Inland Waters and Comparable Habitats. Ed. by H. Lange – Bertalot: Volume 07: Levkov, Z., D. Metzeltin and A. Pavlov: Luticola and Luticolopsis. 2013.

This volume presents the synopsis and revision of LUTICOLA D. Mann, and contains taxa that possess a single stigma, uniseriate striae, round to elliptical areolae and marginal channel along the valve face/mantle junction, internally occluded by hymenes, as well as inwardly strongly thickened central nodule. Additionally one new genus LUTICOLOPSIS has been described. The synopsis covers species from all continents and climatic zones. Special attention was put on species from Central and South America, Antarctica, and the Sub – Antarctic islands. Observations from other localities in Africa, Asia and Australia are included, if samples were available. Around 200 taxa have been observed, one new genus and 92 species are described as new to science. Of these, 91 belong to the genus LUTICOLA and one belongs to the genus LUTICOLOPSIS.

A provisional ‘key’ is presented. The key is not in the conventional form, but it contains 18 tables with the main morphological data and 18 plates with 1 – 3 specimens of all the taxa observed within the study. This unusual key is a product of many discussions with students about the use and benefit of conventional keys. The final score of these discussions was that students want a quick and easier access to information. The provided key hopefully will be useful and user friendly for many ‘modern’ researchers. The authors point out, that all three of them prefer traditional (conventional) keys instead of tables and plates.

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