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Minutes of the 2006 International Paleolimnology Association (IPA) Business Meeting

Minutes taken by John P. Smol (Queen’s University, Canada)

The Business Meeting was called to order at 15:45 on June 29, 2006, at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, Minnesota, USA.

John P. Smol (Queen’s University) chaired the business meeting.

1) As has become a custom at the international symposia, John Smol (co-editor of the J. Paleolimnology and co-series editor of the Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research book series) presented a ca. 5-10 minute update on progress and changes that have happened in the journal and book series over the last few years. Both the journal and the book series are doing very well.

2) John Smol then briefly reviewed the history of the development of the IPA, starting with the unanimous vote at the 2003 Finland meeting, proposing that we form such an association. John Smol then proposed (seconded by Rick Battarbee) that the Mission and Constitution of the IPA be accepted, with the only revision being that the word Chair be changed to Chair(s) of previous or future symposia, as for some meetings we have more than one Chair.

The motion was accepted unanimously.

2) The next order of business was to elect 2 positions currently open in the IPA Executive Board. This included a Chairperson and our “young researcher” position.

2a) John Smol, seconded by Andre Lotter, had previously nominated Rick Battarbee as Chair of the IPA. There were no other nominations for this position, and so Prof. Battarbee was elected Chair of IPA by acclamation.

2b) There were 5 nominations for the “younger researcher” position on the Executive Board. These included:

i) Alejandro Rodriguez (Mexico), Nominated by Finn Viehberg, Seconded by J. Marco

ii) Jennie Fluin (Australia), Nominated by Peter Gell, Seconded by Helen Bennion

iii) Oliver Heiri (the Netherlands), Nominated by Sonja Hausmann, Seconded by Martin Grosjean

iv) Matt Jones (UK) Nominated by Sarah Metcalfe Seconded by Sarah Davies

v) Claire A. Serieyssol (USA) Nominated by Julie Wolin Seconded by Euan Reavie

One of the nominators for each of these candidates spoke briefly about their qualifications. A secret ballot was taken, and Dr. Jennie Fluin was chosen as the “young researcher” to sit on the IPA Executive Board.

The assembly thanked all the candidates who had agreed to have had their names forward for this position.

3) The next item of business was the decision for the location of the 2009 IPA symposium. We had 4 proposals and presentations for our next meeting. These included:

Waterloo, Canada (proposed by Roland Hall & B. Wolfe)

St. Petersburg, Russia (proposed by Dmitry Subetto)

Mondsee, Austria (proposed by Richard Niederreiter & Roland Schmidt)

Guadalajara, Mexico (proposed Margarita Caballero)

Following PowerPoint presentations summarizing each potential venue, a secret ballot was taken, and Mexico was chosen as the location of the 2009 symposium.

4) The conference organizers graciously thanked their colleagues for help in putting on the 2006 symposium, as well as the participants and presenters for making the symposium such a success.

Rick Battarbee then formally thanked the co-organizers (Emi Ito and Dan Engstrom), on behalf of the IPA, for their outstanding efforts. In addition, he thanked the assembly for their support of his position as Chair of the IPA.

5) The business meeting ended at approximately 16:45. The Executive Board then had a ca 45 minute meeting where they discussed the next symposium with Dr. Caballero.

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